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Binding and lashing chains and components

Master links, master link assemblies, suspension kits, connecting links, shackles, hooks with an eye  or with a fork, rotating, container, self-locking, foundry, shortening, stacking, fork hooks, grab hooks) , shorteners, opened and closed S-hooks, chain and lashing devices in grade 8, 10, 12, even in stainless steel grade 5 and 6.

Textile binding and lashing devices

lashing and binding agents are made from 100% polyester. Straps (courts) acc. to EN 12195 one-piece and two-piece, endless rings (RS and RSK), flat endless slings (A2, A4) and slings with textile (B2, B4, B6) and steel eyes (C2, Cr2) acc. to EN 1492-1. We also supply multistrand slings acc. to EN 1492-2, straps for moving, tow (kinetic) straps and ropes, nonslip mats, safety nets, protection of scaffolding etc. Our product range also includes various types of protective covers of different finishes with a protective coating resistant to ozone and UV protective, corners, etc. Printing your own name or company logo on the labels according to your requirements is a matter of course.

Wire rope slings

according to EN 13414-1 / 2/3/4 (formerly DIN 3088) of ungalvanized, galvanized, stainless steel wire ropes, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, hempen ropes of various constructions, strengths and lengths according customer requirements, galvanized and stainless steel components – thimbles (EN 13411-1 - formerly DIN 3090, DIN 65457-A formerly DIN 6899, DIN EN 13411-1 formerly BF 6899, DIN 3091), shackles high tensile grade 8, DIN 82101 A, B, C, forged, high-tensilew type HA1, HA2, HC1, HC2 acc. to EN 13889, turnbuckles (DIN 1478, DIN 1480, high tensile acc. to FF-T-791b), wire rope clips (EN 13411-5 - formerly DIN 1142, formerly DIN 741 , simplex, duplex), rope tension clamps, hooks, rope locks (OWS, EN 13411-6 - formerly DIN 43148), according to the rope locks EM 13411-7 - formerly DIN 15315, EN 13411-3 ferrules - formerly DIN 3093-A , wire rope terminals acc. to DIN 83313, etc.

Handling devices

rope and chain hoists, pulleys, jacks, trolleys, crane forks, traverses, C-hooks, permanent magnets, manipulators, lifting clamps, cranes, winches, crane scales, single crane forged hooks acc. to DIN 15401 and double hooks acc. to DIN 15402, grade M, P, S, T and V

Lifting points

suspension bolts and nuts with an eye acc. to DIN 580 and 582, high-tensile grade 8, fixed, variable and hinged, to welding and for screwing, hooks and eyes in many sizes, load capacities, variants of usage and materials, with metric or UNC threads

Stainless steel program

the entire range of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 products such as wire ropes, snap hooks, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, rings, thimbles, shackles, chains, hooks, swivels, pins, safety pins, eyescrews and eyenuts, wire rope terminals with an eyes, a forks, threaded ends, but also the wire rope railing fillings, interior suspension systems, outstanding safety wire ropes, tow ropes, etc.

Snow and outdoor chains PEWAG

The strongest chains in the world for use in any area, any condition which ensures the highest level of safety and comfort. Snow chains from pewag company can be used in all conditions including winter. These products can be asserted in the slush, gravel and sand, but also in difficult terrain.

Hardware store range

assortment of galvanized and stainless steel - steel wire ropes (EN 12385 - DIN 3055-3066) of different diameters, strength and structure, snap hooks (similar to DIN 5299 A, B, C, D), wire rope clips (EN 13411-5 - formerly DIN 1142, formerly DIN 741, simplex, duplex), turnbuckles (DIN 1478, DIN 1480, fence tensioning stretchers, thimbles (EN 13411-1 - formerly DIN 3090, DIN 65457 - A formerly DIN 6899, EN 13411-1 formerly DIN 6899 BF), shackles flat type D and omega type H, elongated, twisted, short link and long link chains (similar to DIN 763, 766, 5685, 5686), hooks and swivels, couplings, pins, safety pins, nylon rollers , eyebolts and eyenuts (DIN 580, 582), welded rings, cylinders terminals, etc.

Bull Lifting

We have received exclusive rights to sell the brand BULL LIFTING.

Bull Lift

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