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Certificate ISO 9001 englishBilion trade FM s.r.o. uses new knowledge in the area of quality management and constantly improves and evaluates the activities of the company. We make every effort to improve the quality of our work therefore we have implemented an integrated management system according to ISO 9001: 2016. Meeting the needs of the customer is the main priority of our philosophy. We focus on developing solid relationships with our business partners based on trust, reliability and satisfaction.

Keeping of comprehensive records of slings

For our customers we process a complete record of slings through the registration sheets and we monitor deadline reviews and inspections.


We ensure a safety technical service according to customer specifications:

Annual visual inspection of slings in accordance with DIN 12 480-1 and EN 818-6

Three-year examination of slings by electromagnetic device - magnetic crack detection in accordance with CSN 01 5015, DIN EN 818-6, EN ISO 9934-1, DIN EN 10228

Bull Lifting

We have received exclusive rights to sell the brand BULL LIFTING.

Bull Lift

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We have become official distributors of Gebuwin, Kettenfabrik UNNA and YOKE products:

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